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Regular housewife Francine Smith looks better than many naughty XXX stars on this porn American Dad artwork. Kneeled down in front of her hubby and yummying down on his cock, she just can’t wait to have her big heavy tits splattered with his love juice. And don’t worry – soon it will end up all over her. Get more kick-ass American Dad hentai pics from our site to see it!

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Stan Smith never misses the chance to hit a hot gay strip show in the local club – especially when it is by this sexy Wild West baby. This time he will be getting something even more private than a lap dance on this porn American Dad picture. He is dragged into the stripper’s make-up room and sucked off there! Damn, he’s getting serviced by a man craved by absolutely everyone!

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Shemale cartoons in American Dad porn

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The sexcapades of these American Dad porn stars are already getting plain crazy. No longer able to hide their passion behind the doors of their bedroom, Stan and Francine go out into the street right in front of their house and get it on there for the whole neighborhood to see and hear. That’s when all other characters of American Dad XXX series will know their secret. Francine is shemale!

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Francine Smith obviously knows how to turn her arrogant and self-confident hubby Stan into her sex slave. Just look what she did to his ass before ramming her strap-on into it on this femdom American Dad hentai picture! Stan has already got his cheeks dark-blue from all of the whipping he had to take from Francine! No surprise he perceives this rough anal attack as some wicked relief from punishment.

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Francine’s time to revenge herself upon her nasty switch of a husband has come. On these femdom cartoons you will see her taking control and flogging the shit out of Stan’s ass leaving bright red lines on his skin. On and on the tails of the flogger come landing on his unprotected cheeks, into his crack and on his hurting sack, on and on his vocal cords come exploding with harsh shrieks of pain and pleasure… Man, this angle of American Dad porn is so new and exciting!

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Henry Fischer is another horny lad that just can’t resist the studly sex appeal of Stan Smith. Here on this gay American Dad porn picture you will see him finally giving in to his gay nature and taking his personal Superman up his ass from behind. See him down on all fours, begging Stan to fuck him a little less hard. Apparently, in vain. Stan is a merciless ass destroyer!

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It doesn’t look like Stan Smith is playing with his wifey’s tits in this American Dad porn scene – it’s more like he’s grabbing on them as if they were ripe oranges he wanted to juice with his bare hands! His throbbing boner is rammed into the MILF’s mouth at the same time and that intense stimulation makes him even crueler. He will get so rough in this toon BDSM scene that his lactating slavegirl’s melons will come squirting milk all over the place! The juicing is complete, bring the glasses!

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Slide behind the closed doors of Stan’s and Francine’s bedroom and see what the decent-looking Smiths actually love engaging in on this American Dad hentai drawing. It turns out that they are really into bondage – Stan loves tying Francine up so tight she can barely move and she, in her turn, doesn’t mind it. See her tied to the chair with her ultra-short leash and getting a massive boner pushed in her face in this cartoon bondage episode! There’s also a big messy facial on the way!

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Francine Smith prides herself in her total lack of gag reflex and… Well, her dominant hubby is actually eager to prove that she is not as good as she thinks she is. Here on this American Dad porn drawing you will see him totally fucking his wifey’s throat, ramming his cock balls deep into her mouth and tickling her tonsils with its bulging head. See Francine drenched with her drool and totally unable to do anything to resist her beloved dom in this toon BDSM scene!

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So you think that this set of parallel bars that Stan Smith has gotten for his place really is for Hayley and Steve? Come on, gimme a break! This cartoon bondage artwork will make you understand why Stan and Francine ended up setting it in their bedroom. Come see the drawn blond MILF tied to the bars by wrists and ankles and getting fucked from behind by her hubby. Their double leash looks cool too – can’t wait to see Francine using it the other way around in her femdom cartoons!